Featured Article Qolcom Project Methodology

Effective Project Management is key to the successful delivery of all our projects.

Qolcom Project Managers work though a Prince2-based Qolcom Project Methodology to ensure that projects are delivered on time, on budget and to the required specification.

All projects are assigned to a Qolcom Project Manager, who acts as the primary interface between the customer and Qolcom until completion.

In our experience, the biggest risk to the success of a project is scope creep.

Scope creep is when the solution changes from what has been originally agreed to something different. It can occur for a number of different reasons and is often viewed negatively. However, at Qolcom we don’t believe you can avoid change and as such it should be viewed positively. However it needs to be controlled. The Qolcom Project Methodology allows for change to be embraced and handled in way that has no detrimental impact on the success of the project.