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Aruba Networks

Aruba is the industry leader in wired, wireless and security networking solutions for today’s Enterprise network edge.

An HPE company, Aruba provides networking products, network security and location-aware solutions that together enable the digital workplace, supporting transformation, enhancing user-experience securing the network edge.

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MobileIron is market leader in mobile enterprise security. A mobile-centric, zero trust approach goes beyond traditional MDM, identity, and gateway solutions by validating the user, device, applications, networks, and potential threats before granting secure access to the device. MobileIron creates the intersection between high-grade security, mobile, and the way people want to work.

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GEMA is a global mobility-enabling partner that helps global companies develop and operate mobile business solutions across national borders, with simplicity and flexibility. Independent from network providers and device manufacturers, Gema has certified partners around the globe who provide consistent 24/7 support services in local language.

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Cradlepoint wireless edge solutions unlock the power of LTE and 5G cellular networks to give your WAN the boundless reach, nonstop reliability, and real-time agility it needs to keep up with your business. Connect fixed and temporary sites, vehicles, field forces, and IoT devices, anywhere. Simply. Securely. Wirelessly.

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Wandera provides a unified cloud security solution to protect the modern workplace. Wandera enables zero-trust access to applications, secures enterprise data against cyber threats and applies policies to filter Internet access. They believe in making security simple. This is why they created a unified offering, managed through a single console and supported by the broadest ecosystem integrations.

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Aislelabs is a technology company offering the most advanced Wi-Fi location marketing, advertising and analytics platform in the market. Aislelabs help clients build relationships with their visitors and shoppers, and market to them based on their behaviour inside their brick and mortar spaces. Aislelabs technology empowers clients to target their audiences across all digital channels, to create high impact campaigns with measurable ROI.

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Fortinet enables organisations to achieve a security-driven network with the highest-performing firewalls, innovative product portfolio, and deep integration with the Security Fabric, to reduce complexity and protect the entire network from sophisticated threats.

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EnOcean is a pioneer for the digitization of our world. With their energy harvesting technology, EnOcean deliver the data for the Internet of Things in a resource-saving, self-powered and maintenance-free way. In doing so, EnOcean enable the smart use of buildings, cities and industrial plants. Alternative energy sources from the surroundings, such as motion, light and temperature, are what drives EnOcean.

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IAconnects Technology Limited (iaconnects or IA) realises business benefits for industry by creating, delivering and commissioning non-manufacturer specific building control systems and solutions for the IoT (Internet of Things) arena.

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From people to packages, Envoy helps you handle everything that comes through your company’s front door. Envoy believe your office should work on your behalf, taking care of the details you’d rather forget so you can focus on more meaningful work. That’s why Envoy build smart tools, that can be woven seamlessly throughout your workplace, that lessen your workload and brighten your day.

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Netmotion’s software solutions empower enterprises with the technology to efficiently and securely support their mobile workforces and deliver consistent service, improved performance and unparalleled user experience.

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Android Enterprise

Qolcom is an Authorised Android Enterprise Partner which means we have proven expertise in helping customers successfully deploy and support Android.

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CriticalArc is a SaaS-based provider of incident response solutions. These solutions empower organisations’ safety and security teams with the intelligence to strengthen and streamline their response to threats and incidents.

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Accellion prevents data breaches and compliance violations from third party cyber risk.

CIOs and CISOs rely on the Accellion platform for complete visibility, compliance and control over the communication of sensitive content across all third-party communication channels, including email, file sharing, mobile, enterprise apps, web portals, SFTP, and automated inter-business workflows.

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7SIGNAL provides cloud-based Wireless Network Monitoring (WNM) platform enables organizations to manage the Wi-Fi user experience on their networks.

7SIGNAL collects Wi-Fi performance data across the enterprise and its analytics engine presents the data as Key Performance Indicators, giving network administrators immediate visibility of Wi-Fi health and performance, enterprise-wide.

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Dedrone protects organisations from malicious drone incursions by securing their airspace using advanced hardware and software technology.

DroneTracker software detects and classifies drones, protecting organisations against drone threats, including network intrusion, video snooping and physical incursion into sensitive areas.

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Hypergate leverages a company’s existing infrastructure and enables employees to access company resources from their Android Enterprise and iOS smartphones as if they were connecting from a standard PC.

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Okta is a complete access management platform for your workforce and customers, securing all your critical resources from cloud to ground. Their workforce identity suite protects and enables employees, contractors and partners, while Customer Identity products build a seamless environment for clients.

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The Bunker

The Bunker is a cud and managed services provider delivering the highest standards of security, with compliance guaranteed. We operate out of the most secure data centres in the UK, located in former nuclear bunkers. The Bunker offers cloud and hosting infrastructure, storage, disaster recovery, cloud migration, data analysis, and network management services.

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Ekahau provides enterprise-grade Wi-Fi products that provide highly accurate and standardised Wi-Fi site surveys and spectrum analysis. Ekahau sets the industry benchmark for advanced precision with 2.4 and 5 GHz Wi-Fi spectrum combined with automated interference source detection.