Environmental Policy

Created: July 2022

Last Reviewed: N/A

Next Review: July 2023

1           Mission Statement

The purpose of this document is to set out our policy statement for environmental awareness, the baseline standard to be implemented and, where appropriate, procedures to be followed.

2           Policy Aims

This policy applies to all employees, contractors and other workers (“personnel”, “you” or “your”). Compliance with this policy is mandatory. Any breach of this policy may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination for serious offences.

3           Policy Priorities

3.1          Our Services

  • The services we provide can and do play an important role in enhancing environmental outcomes for our clients. Advancing this will continue to be a key focus of our work.
  • We will further embed environmental considerations into the processes we use for determining our choices of products and suppliers used.
  • In recognition of the fact that a high percentage of known reserves need to stay in the ground in order to avoid catastrophic climate change, we will not provide services for companies involved directly in fossil fuel extraction.

3.2          Carbon

  • We will measure and report our business carbon footprint on an annual basis.
  • We will implement measures to significantly reduce the intensity of our carbon emissions on an annual basis.

3.3          Energy Use

  • We will continue to seek ways of reducing the amount of energy used in our premises and by our staff in their homeworking environments.

3.4          Travel & Staff Commuting

  • We will apply a principled approach to business travel decisions, avoiding travel where possible and using the most sustainable modes appropriate where travel cannot be avoided.
  • We will promote more sustainable forms of transport to our staff and facilitate their use.

Qolcom has a policy that ensures everyone involved within our business understands his or her obligations and responsibilities for the impact that our business has on the environment.

4           Our Environmental Management System

We have developed an Environmental Action Plan to ensure we meet the requirements of this policy. The Environmental Action Plan, together with this policy, comprises our Environmental Management System (EMS). Our EMS is independently certified by Green Small Business. Our certification is maintained through an annual audit carried out independently by Green Small Business.

We will update this policy at least annually.