Featured Article Qolcom accredited as Aruba Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Qolcom, HPE Aruba Platinum Partner Acredited as an Managed Services Provider (MSP)

As part of Aruba’s drive to deliver network transformation with flexible OPEX and pay-per-use investment models through channel partners, Digital Workplace, Intelligent Networks and Security specialist Qolcom is now a certified MSP (Managed Services Provider).

London, Oct 31st 2020

Qolcom (Quality of Life through Communications), the Digital Workplace, Intelligent Networks and Security specialist, is now certified as an Aruba Managed Services Provider (MSP). This will give its customers access to the latest, fully-managed cloud-based networking solutions from Aruba with creative ways to invest including a variety of flexible OPEX and pay-per-use models. Qolcom’s focus on enhancing the user experience, while creating future-proof software-driven network infrastructure, make it the perfect partner to deliver IT transformation.

The year, more than ever, people around the world are working radically different ways. The definition of ‘Digital Workspace’ has extended well beyond the boundaries of the corporate campus. Flexible, work-anywhere capability is no longer just a nice-to-have–it’s become essential. The effect on the way organisations upgrade and manage their IT infrastructures, Cyber Security and Cloud environments has been dramatic.

The traditional upgrade model – involving large capital outlays to replace legacy equipment – is becoming less relevant. OPEX Network as a Service and Security As A Service models, offering a more predictable service and user experience along with greater financial flexibility, are increasingly seen as the future of networks.

As an Aruba MSP, Qolcom, with its expertise in Digital Workplace, Intelligent Networks and Security, is well placed to meet this need. Their partnership with Aruba gives them access to a curated suite of solutions specifically designed to help organisations migrate to a more agile, cost-effective cloud-based IT model.

With the huge shift to remote working, Qolcom can leverage these solutions to help businesses monitor and improve the experience of remote workers – eliminating blindspots, improving trouble shooting and identifying ways to boost productivity. As well as proactive measures, they can also help on a reactive basis. Qolcom’s solutions provide help-desk teams with a diagnostics snapshot to facilitate swift resolution. So if things do ever go wrong, they can be fixed quickly.

At a time when organisations are being forced to embrace flexible, new working patterns, Qolcom and Aruba together can provide solutions based on intelligent network design and robust security. Not only do users enjoy a safer, more productive experience, organisations gain single dashboard control of their entire network–from wireless to wired, branch to data centre and campus to cloud.

In a digital environment, organisations can benefit from the ability of people to work from anywhere. Qolcom is founded on enhancing working practices for organisations and users, and transforming enterprise through digital innovation.
Keith Reading, CEO, Qolcom

From a cost viewpoint, procurement managers can deliver cutting edge IT and cyber security solutions using creative and flexible payment models, avoiding the need for expensive one-off capital outlays. In these cash-strapped times, the potential to release cash from legacy equipment and migrate to a more flexible, pay-per-use network will be very attractive. More over, as a fully managed service provider, Qolcom can take care of every aspect of network transformation – increasing simplicity and cost-effectiveness.