Engaging with People in a Smart Campus/Office Environment

What are you doing to improve your employees’ experience within the workplace, or your students’ knowledge of the physical environment that will be their place of work for three or more years?

Ask yourself;

• How are work and study spaces discovered, booked and located in large office and campus environments?

• How do you show people where the nearest printing resource is when deadlines are looming?

• How can you connect people of similar interests and goals to enable a collaborative workforce?

Traditional methods of information sharing such as static info boards, spam-like internal memos and bulletin/notice boards are not reliably effective. A new generation of workers and students receive and digest information in very different ways to those that went before them.

Location-aware services and applications deliver the right information, at the right time and more importantly at the correct location for it to be most relevant. Often delivered through mobile apps, these solutions allow the individual to interact with the physical working environment by finding an appropriate place to work, organising meeting spaces, finding the most convenient location to make coffee and providing visitors, customers and guests with a personalised concierge service.

Ensure that your wireless network infrastructure is ready to support these location-aware services, and deliver a true differentiator to your users.