News GEMA International COVID-19 Update

The COVID-19 pandemic is rapidly evolving, and outbreak investigations are ongoing, forcing government and economic leaders to take a drastic measure in mitigating the impact.

GEMA International also takes part in the situation by continuously monitoring the ever-changing circumstances surrounding the coronavirus and with that in mind, we wanted to update you on the challenges GEMA are facing and the actions GEMA have taken in response to the outbreak.

Current update:
For many companies around the world, the most important consideration from the COVID-19 outbreak has been the effect on supply chains. As a result of the factory shutdowns, store closure, and delayed deliveries, many disruptions have been felt across the supply chains. China, US and Europe’s large-scale quarantines, travel restrictions, and social distancing drive drop-off in consumer and business spending, which creates a severe impact.

Please learn more about how GEMA are responding to the pandemic including all plans and preparations here.