Case Study Digital Workplace – Defence

The Customer

Multinational Defence and aerospace company, similar to government organisations, it is essential for defence companies to deliver easy and secure access to information, given that they are handling sensitive documentation.

In addition, they have a large and complex workforce that can have multiple projects running. So any solution needs to be able to cope with that environment.

Given the regulations of the defence sector, they wanted to be in control of the whole authentication process and as Hypergate is an on-premise solution with no public-facing part, it met that requirement without any challenges.

The Issue

The company wanted to deliver a BYOD strategy with the new Android Enterprise in their existing mobility environment. To allow this to happen, they needed to deliver the same user experience and security that the iOS users had. With Android Enterprise’s lack of Kerberos integration, they were not able to continue to use certificate-based authentication.

The Solution

Hypergate Authenticator for Android met this requirement perfectly. As it is an Active Directory client that is installed on the managed mobile device, it is able to deliver the certificate-based seamless single sign-on that the Android users require.

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